Dear visitor, welcome to the The Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Cup (DTKFC) official website. You can find here all the information you need about this popular tournament, so feel free to visit and ask us about any kind of information you want.

The DTKFC is a martial arts tournament, an eclectic competition dedicated exclusively to traditional systems of Kung Fu. The first edition was held in February 2011 in Oporto city, having proved a success and immediately become the largest Kung Fu competition helded in Portugal. In February of the following year, and at the same city, the second edition hit the numbers earlier, having the same happened again with the 2013 edition.

In this last edition we organised within the Dragon Tiger Cup an experimental tournament of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, having participated in this tournament about 60 athletes from Spain, Greece, Romania, England, Germany, France and Portugal, revealing a success beyond the most optimistic expectations. So this year, we took a step ahead and will organise the 1st European Choy Lee Fut Championship open to all teams from Europe, any lineage of this famous Chinese martial art. Don’t loose this chance to participate on the 1st edition and bring your team. You will be very welcome.

But the DTKFC isn’t only about Choy Lee Fut; we have been receiving teams from other Chinese martial arts too, like Praying Mantis, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Tong Bei, etc., that compete in the Open category in different Taolu events. And if you have a school of Sanda, there is a place too for your team, as we broaden the competition to this Chinese contact sport.

This year Dragon Tiger Cup is about Lisbon too. Lisbon is a cosmopolitan and historically tolerant city, which welcomes its visitors with open arms, always ready to share moments and unforgettable experiences. Sun, light, sandy beaches, food, historical places and lots of color, are the basic ingredients that made it one of the most beautiful cities in the world and currently one of the most sought by tourists from around the world.

Participate with your team in a quality event and taste the flavors of Lisbon… Will be an unforgettable experience, and you will be very welcome…!


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