Teams registration


In order to apply for the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Cup 2014, your school need to fulfill the proper requirements. Must represent a traditional Chinese martial recognised by the communing in order to participate in Open Taolu category, be a Choy Lee Fut martial art system any lineage to participate in CLF Taolu, or be a Sanda school to participate in Open Sanda.

For teams to register, they need to submit the following documents duly filled and signed before the final date of 20 June (consult the competition schedule here):

  1. Registration form association/school/club/team
  2. Events form
  3. Personal waiver of liability
  4. Association waiver liability
  5. List with individual data for sports insurance
  6. Payment of fees for participation in the event

These documents are available upon request. They must reach the organization before the final scheduled date. After no more entries will be accepted.

Competition insurance

All athletes must compulsorily possess a sports insurance in accordance with Portuguese law. Insurances from national federations, are not eligible for the competition, since the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Cup is a private competition.

The organization provides adequate insurance to competition in accordance with Portuguese law, which insures all athletes during the 3 days of competitions.


The Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Cup 2014 will kick off on July 13, so all teams should be at the official Hotel at least the day before. The organisation will provide free transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the competition sports hall, and from the sports hall back to hotel. After the competition, the organisation will provide too free transportation from the Hotel to the airport.

The official hotel chosen by the organisation is:

Ibis Hotel – Spain Square

Av. José Malhoa, 10
1070-158 Lisboa
T: (+351) 217 235 701


Hotel localization